Changes, changes, and more changes!

Bear with us, as we continue to revise and revamp the PlayByMail.Net and Suspense & Decision websites. We're trying to make things better, bit by bit. The very fact that we're working on it all is progress - even if a…

A new mailing list for PlayByMail.Net!

Have you joined the new mailing list for PlayByMail.Net and Suspense & Decision magazine, yet? Go play by mail / PBM!

Issue #17 of Suspense & Decision magazine is out!

PlayByMail.Net announces that Issue #17 of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century, is now available for download. Click HERE to grab a copy for yourself! Included in this issue are article p…

Scramble for Empire: Where PBM meets Steampunk

The Agema website describes Scramble for Empire in the following way: Scramble for Empire is a global wargames campaign. There are three basic types of player position. The main type is that of a nation, which you lea…

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