Reviving an old idea

I sent out an e-mail to various game moderators and game companies, mentioning to them that I would be trying to revive an old concept that was utilized in PBM magazines of old, such as Paper Mayhem.

Namely, the idea of incorporating a PBM activity corner into Suspense & Decision magazine, a space in the magazine where game moderators and PBM companies can provide news, updates, and developments of things going on with their companies and games.

The very first to come onboard with us on this, by sending us news for their company? None other than Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo, Inc.. My personal thanks go out to Rick Loomis for his very timely responding to this latest initiative of ours!

I think that this has the potential to be a very useful tool for game companies and game moderators to connect anew with players and prospective players.

If you didn't get the e-mail, and you are a game moderator or a game company involved with PBM or other turn-based gaming, just send me your news and developments for inclusion in each issue of Suspense & Decision magazine, going forward - starting with our very next issue, Issue # 5.
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