The Coming of the Blog!

Anyone that is a regular site user, here on the PlayByMail.Net website, will likely wonder what happened, when next you visit our site. The changes are part of my ongoing efforts to improve the site, with an eye toward improving our outreach to potential new converts to play by mail and turn-based gaming.

I don't know, yet, whether these recent changes, which include the addition of a blog to the site, here, will be well received or not. But, it's something that I have been wanting to experiment with, for quite a while, now, and I am glad that I have managed to get the blog set-up and working properly (albeit not entirely by myself). My thanks to my web hosting company and its personnel that aided me in getting the blog software working here!

I don't have all of the links that were previously available on the old front page of the PlayByMail.Net website transitioned to a new destination page elsewhere, yet, but a good many of them have already been taken care of. If there are any, in particular, that any of you are in urgent need of me making available anew to you, then just drop me an e-mail or send me a PM on the PlayByMail.Net forum. Forum links are available over on the right hand side, as are several important links associated with the PBM Wiki.

The layout and color scheme of this blog aspect of our site may change, going forward, as I fiddle with it to get things to suit my own personal taste and preference. For now, though, my aim is to just get used to this blog being here, and try to make it a useful feature of this website.

The user accounts on the PlayByMail.Net forum are not tied in to the comments feature of this blog. Sorry, folks, but I just don't know how to bridge that, and to make it work that way. Maybe I can try to get that done, a bit down the road. I don't even know, for certain, whether I can tie the blog software (Blogger) and the forum software (MyBB) together, in that manner, at all. For now, we'll simply have to make do, I suppose.

I hope that each and every one of you will bear with me, as I try to get the site sorted for your convenience and use!
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