Happy Easter from PlayByMail.Net!

Mark Wardell, associate editor of Suspense & Decision magazine, sent me an e-mail, last night, informing me that he just doesn't have enough time to guarantee any "meaningful regular contribution."

He has also informed me that his PBM Gamer website will be going offline sometime this month, and that he will not be renewing the domain name for it.

While none of this is what I would consider to be good news, I wish to take this opportunity to wish both PlayByMail.Net site users and Suspense & Decision readers a happy Easter.

Never seeming to have enough time to get everything done is something that I can relate to. I'm sure that many of you can relate to it, also. Nonetheless, I wish Mark well, even as we continue to proceed forward on other PBM fronts.

Easter marks the occasion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To many, it is a time of feast and celebration. I hope and I trust that each and every last one of you enjoy this day, no matter how you choose to spend the day, whether in celebration or not.

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