PBM Gaming HQ meets Ubuntu

Early this morning, I installed and began using Ubuntu, which is a type of operating system software for those who might not be aware of what it is. Rather than upgrade to the newest version of Windows, I decided to try and begin transitioning to a Linux type operating system on my desktop personal computer, here at home.

The transition entails installing various software programs that I already used the Windows version of. This will take some time, as will learning to use Ubuntu effectively. I'm also transitioning to some other software, such as a new e-mail client software, Thunderbird.

I may also change the e-mail contact point that I use for the PlayByMail.Net website, so be on the lookout for that, in the not-too-distant-future.

None of these changes are PBM-specific. However, they can - and will - impact my ability to act and to react, until I obtain a degree of familiarity with everything new that I am installing on my PC. By extension, the PlayByMail.Net website will be affected, as the time spent acquiring such familiarity an with getting new software selected and installed will be time that won't be available for me investing into the site, here.

For the long term, I think that this transition to Ubuntu will be beneficial. For the short term, however, my PBM time will be reduced a bit. Bear with me, if you will, during this Ubuntu transition.

Have a PBM day!

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