PBM magazine publishes fifth issue - Entire world celebrates!

Play by mail gaming enthusiasts the world over celebrate the release of Issue # 5 of Suspense & Decision magazine. The link for it is over to your left. Just click on that image that you see under the Latest Issue section of this page.

Including both the front and back cover pages, as well as the respective inside cover pages of the same, Issue # 5 weighs in at a hefty 96 pages. While smaller than Issue # 4, nonetheless, Issue # 5 proved to be our second largest issue, ever.

Of course, when you're talking a span of only five issues, total, ever is a relative term. Even still, it was nice to see this particular issue of Suspense & Decision finally get some meat on its bones, in light of the fact that contributions to it were very sparse for most of the month of March 2014.

This issue features some of our regular contributing writers, as well as some new faces, on the article front. It has some new advertisements, which is always nice, simply because it adds greater visual variety to the magazine.

If you haven't tried Suspense & Decision, yet, we encourage you to download Issue # 5 - or any issue, for that matter. It's free for the downloading!

Hopefully, PBM gamers who aren't even aware, yet, that we are out there will soon catch wind of our efforts to grow interest in the PBM hobby. While it often seems like an uphill battle, rather than climb to the top of the Internet, we have decided to just tunnel through it, instead. Suspense & Decision is proving to be a PBM tool that is particular well-suited to accomplishing just, exactly that.

Perhaps we're exaggerating (a little), when we say that the entire world celebrates the release of Issue # 5. But, here in PBM Land, the very fact that we have a PBM magazine being published regularly, once again, is de facto cause, in and of itself, to celebrate. At least, we think that it is.

So, join us in celebrating, by downloading and reading (or just browsing) Issue # 5.

Hey, did I mention that the PBM Activity Corner section is now active in the magazine? Nope, I sure didn't. Well, it is, and if you are a game company or a game moderator, feel free to send in your news, announcements, and claims to bragging rights. If it deals with PBM or turn-based games, it's fair game, pardon the pun. Only two PBM companies bothered with responding to our call to send in news from their companies. I would like to single out Flying Buffalo, Inc. (Rick Loomis) and Agema (Richard Watts) for leading this horse out of the gate on this section's inauguration into our magazine's pages. Special thanks to you, gentlemen of the play by mail gaming industry!
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