Is your mailbox a PBM pleasure palace?

Hey, forgive me, already! It just so happens that I rather like colorful titles for the articles about play by mail gaming that I author.

Issue # 6 of Suspense & Decision magazine is late getting out of the digital presses, so what better thing to do than increase that delay by taking time out to write an impromptu article?

But, I just didn't want to lose that title that I thought of, and so, sometimes we must all sacrifice for the greater good of PBM.

If you're anxious to sink your reading chops into the next issue of our magazine, hang on just a little bit longer. It's on its way. I promise!

Speaking of which, whatever happened to that last issue of Flagship magazine that was on the verge of being published? Articles that end up in the Twilight Zone, never to be read and enjoyed by anyone. Such a pity that those sort of things happen. I hope that Carol Mulholland is doing OK, these days. I wish that she could be here with us, enjoying the ride, as Issue # 6 creaks its way to the finish line, where adoring fans everywhere will hold parades and break open champagne in honor of the occasions.


Be that as it may, I'm excited to be able to bear the news that it's coming!

If we were doing a bi-monthly magazine, then you would be waiting on Issue # 3, right now, rather than Issue # 6. Yet, I am always being admonished to slow down, to take things down a peg or two.

It can't last. It won't last. Burnout will set in, they say.


Naysayers and doom-glubbers, one and all, says I!

I even dedicated an entire article to their burnout mantra, in honor of the occasion.

So, until next time, carry on, my wayward PBM friends. Carry on!

Your mailbox may not be a pleasure palace, but it can be a source of fun and games, whether you ever realized it or not.

I'm guessing that you realized that, already, though, since you're here - and here is PBM's gaming headquarters.

Hooray for play by mail?
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