The Coming of the Mini-View

Trying to get back into the swing of things, once more, I managed to send out the PBM Bulletin mailer, with the call for submissions for Issue # 7 of Suspense & Decision magazine, today. I also sent out the first of what I hope will become  regular staple of future issues of Suspense & decision - the Mini-View questionnaire.

 To call it a questionnaire might be a bit of an exaggeration, since it isn't a long list of questions, but deals with just a question or three, at most. It's really designed to gather more substantial responses to questions, and to achieve such by posing the same questions to multiple different game moderators and game personalities, simultaneously. Then, I will compile all of their responses into a single article for each issue, going forward. That's the plan, right now, anyway.

If you're just visiting the PlayByMail.Net website for the very first time, then certainly, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you. If you encounter any problem, at all, with the regstration process for the PlayByMail.Net forum, then feel free to contact me to look into the matter. Occasionally, our anti-spam efforts inadvertently keep interested gamers from registering, due to the plug-in that we have in place on our forum to keep the automated spambots out. Currently, our forum is not overrun with spambots, and we would really like to keep it that way. We're always interested in actual gamers joining us in the PlayByMail.Net forum, though, so don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience, should you encounter a problem of this nature.

A lot of times, visitors to our forum, whether registered users or just people who have dropped by to browse anonymously, stop by to visit and to read, without actually bothering to post something, themselves. Of course, you're more than welcome to do this - and to keep on doing it, but just know that we do encourage each and every one of you who visit our forum to not hesitate to get involved in existing discussions - or to start some new discussions of your own.

For many site visitors, the PlayByMail.Net site is merely a weigh station, a stop over on their way elsewhere, perhaps to one of the numerous forums or websites dedicated to only a particular game, or to only games run by a particular game company. Even still, we like having you to drop by and check us out. Hopefully, you will find our site to be of interest, and you will see fit to return to it, again and again.

Of late, several old hands to PBM gaming have dropped by and registered. Pull up a chair and stay a while, if you will, and join them in the discussions!

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