Let's hear it for the Big Kahuna!

Let's have a round of applause for GrimFinger on getting Issue 7 pushed out on-time and chock-full of PBM goodness! It takes a lot of work to put this much content together, not to mention this website, this wiki, this blog, etc etc. Three cheers!
And while you're in such a cheerful mood, why not write up some feedback on Issue 7 (or any other issue)? See an article you particularly like? Send in some kudos! See something that sticks in your craw? Pen a savage retort! Like the Mini-View? Send in your response to the Survey Questions in Issue 7!
PBM is, if nothing else, a highly social endeavor. We like the strategy, the tension, the flair and drama, etc. But none of this is possible without the participation and feedback of all us humans. Otherwise we would content ourselves with playing computer games in our basements until past midnight, cursing the artificial intelligence for being so stupid.
Creating a PBM magazine is doubly social. So don't just sit there, BE social. Click on the Forum Link and start posting something. Write a Letter to the Editor, to be published in the next issue. Draw a PBM-related comic strip. Send in a scan of your favorite turn result from the past, along with some background on why it was awesome. Send in a copy of your in-game newsletter -- even if the game happened long ago. Post a challenge to get other playbymail.net readers to join you in a PBM game (like Grim has done with Nuclear Destruction.)
We await your feedback with the same intensity as you await your next turn!


  1. I'd suggest that a form, ready to email by clicking on a button at the end of the survey, would increase feedback. Even I'm not quite sure where the feedback was requested or where to find it. Also, I believe Flagship offered a free setup for a game of the drawn feedback questionairian (?) choice for each issue. I'm happy to offer one such free setup for Alamaze if such player submitting feedback chooses Alamaze.

    On a different note, I will withdraw from the proposed promotional Nuclear Destruction game, as it just isn't hitting stride with me, and I don't want to go in with a less than positive attitude.

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