Letters to the Editor now a sign of higher brain capacity, virility...

Suspense & Decision magazine is now accepting Letters to the Editor. This is a service to our readers, in light of recent findings by researchers at Nosuch Labs which indicate that those who actually "write letters to the editors" of their favorite magazines correlate closely with those who enjoy greatly increased brain capacity, virility, shiny hair, strong teeth, and athletic prowess. It is not clear whether writing letters actually causes these outcomes, but researchers thought it might be possible. So do yourself a favor and fire off a letter today -- plenty of time to be included in this next issue.
Seriously, please write something, even if it's just a single sentence or paragraph. Rave reviews, personal missives, shoegazing meanderings, odes to belly lint -- it's all good. Your contribution will be fixed into PBM history for all eternity. (And your significant other may be quite impressed as well...)
You're welcome.
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