Lost in PBM or just plain lost?

Of late, it seem to be a case less of being lost in PBM, and more a case of just being lost, period. Last week, I managed to lose track of an entire day - namely, Friday. So, our domain name, here, of PlayByMail.Net temporarily lapsed, and I didn't get a set of turn orders sent in for Takamo. The Charon Empire won't be pleased (among others), but it's not like I actually know what I'm doing in that game, anyway.

Even still, it's annoying. Just. Plain. Annoying!

But, maybe we're starting to turn the curve, here. As it turned out, our cover artist (Anand Kaviraj) for Suspense & Decision magazine was on his game for our next issue, Issue # 9, and he sent me the front cover art for it. Hell, yeah! Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about, people! Is Bernd out there? I hope that our assistant editor is paying attention. Let's get this play by mail wagon train moving, Bernd! Issue # 9 - Get on it!

In case you aren't aware, yet, there's an Alamaze Wiki now taking shape. Be sure to drop by and check it out, although there really isn't a lot of material on it, just yet. While you're snooping around over there, don't hesitate to check out the Alamaze forum, or even to sign up for a game of Alamaze, yourself. If you happen across a strange looking gnome, while you're doing any of that, try not to let it unduly alarm you, as it is likely just Alamaze creator Rick McDowell lurking in the shadows, trying to find someone to help him to improve his own game play in that game of his own making.

If you happen to find that Alamaze doesn't suit your taste buds (Looking around to make sure that Rick McDowell isn't about to stab me with a pitchfork for even suggesting the mere possibility of such!), you might want to consider Eressea. Eressea also has a Facebook page, if you want to check it out.

One thing that Enno Rehling (of Eressea fame) is doing, which I am not aware some of the other big names in play by mail gaming are doing, is utilizing Patreon as a funding mechanism to facilitate his continuing work on developing games like Eressea and Atlantis even further. Currently, as of the time that I write this, there are twelve patrons pledging a total of forty-four dollars per month, to keep Enno plugging along on such game projects. Enno has already reached one milestone goal, and is fast closing in on another. Be sure to drop by and check his Patreon page out! Go on and do that, right now, so that you won't end up like me, forgetting first one PBM thing and then another.
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