Death and Turnsheets

The following message was sent to me, just a short while ago, by Bob McLain, who is well known across the spectrum of PBM personalities:

I'm sad to report the death a few weeks ago of Father Hal Stockert, a wonderful man who stabbed me in a game of "Starweb" (playing under his usual moniker, "Avatar") way back in 1981, or maybe 1982.

Father Hal played many, many games of "Starweb", and others, too. He stuck mostly with Flying Buffalo, but he was an early adopter of Peter DeJager's "Assassin's Quest" and a regular in Mark Warner's "Crater War", where I managed to stab him back.

Once players learned that Father Hal was an honest-to-god priest, they tended not to work against him (different world back then, I suppose). He liked that. It made it easier for him to win games.

I kept in touch with Father Hal down through the decades. In the early 1990s, when the Catholic Church (or at least the local hierarchy of said church) refused to marry me and my then-girlfriend, for reasons we won't discuss right now, Father Hal immediately offered to marry us in his Byzantine Catholic church if we'd drive up to Granville, NY, that day.

We usually exchanged emails every few months. When he didn't reply to my latest, I expected the worst - and the worst is what I got. I sure wish I had written sooner. Or called. I miss him already.

You may might to mention some/all of this on the site. I'm sure a few other old-timers will remember Father Hal.

-- Bob
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