Write an article, be adored by your peers for eternity...

We're looking for a few good stories. I mean, S&D is always looking for contributions, but let's get real now. We're trying to put a frickin magazine together here. A magazine with sharks and lasers. Is it too much to ask for you people to give us some frickin articles with sharks and lasers?
Seriously though, write something. Articles can be as long-winded as ole Grim or as short as the turf on a golf course green. If you are reading this, you should really write something. It will take less time than crafting your next PBM turn!
Some ideas:
  • a "Quick and Dirty" intro to your favorite PBM game, summarizing the basic play, the types of positions available, the general strategies, and what a new player might do on the first few turns.
  • a snip from the most interesting turn or contact from another player, with some description around it for context
  • a list of the three things you most like to see added to your favorite game
  • a comic strip -- stick-figures are fine -- showing something funny about PBM
  • how you got a friend to try a PBM game, finally
  • even just a letter to the editor, commenting on an issue or an article from the past
Come on folks! It's easy and fun, and guarantees you a spot in PBM infamy!
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