PBM: Lost In Space?

Speaking as the assistant regional manager of Suspense & Decision magazine, I present you a quick summary of current status:

Grimfinger is still presumably on his sabbatical/hiaitus/self-imposed banishment. I have been unable to email or PM him.

Charles, I deeply and sincerely hope all is well with you and your family. Please feel free to update us or maintain radio silence, as you see fit. All is good with us, with your media empire, and with PBM in general. Having said that, I think I speak for all of us when I say "we'd love to hear from you!"

I have a full issue's worth of articles in my posession, edited and mostly formatted. I could post an interim version of the magazine using this content. Some of it is really good stuff indeed. If I had all the collateral that Charles has, I would gladly put Issue 10 together myself. What I am lacking is:
  • Cover art
  • Ads (we could either do an issue without ads, or rip them from last issue)
  • Charles' multiple columns
  • Charles' explicit permission to publish an issue
So, if anyone is reading this, what do you think we should do?
  • Wait until we hear from Charles?
  • Publish an interim issue without the fancy stuff?
  • Try to create a full issue, filling in what we can?
  • Full-on publication and here's some cover art and/or editorial ramblings to help out?
I will start a thread on the forum -- please post your thoughts there. The forum appears beset by some error messaging, but still works. You can browse threads and post while ignoring the errors. I haven't seen Charles on the list of "recently active members", but I have seen some of you. Please chime in there.

Which ALSO brings me to the question of how to help shoulder the load of Charles' large PBM media conglomerate. He has hinted that he might consider offloading some parts to other helping hands. Here are the main chunks -- please consider which of these you as a loyal member of the PBM community might want to help out with:
  • Suspense & Decision magazine
  • PlayByMail.net forum
  • This blog
  • PBM wiki
I post all this, obviously, without any consent or contact from Charles. I just thought it might be useful if we "loyal members" could try to rally ourselves to support the community and perhaps help


  1. I say that we overthrow the bastard! He engaged in far too much navel-gazing for my personal taste, anyway.

    You have the Conn. Assume command. Take charge. Push the ship forward!

    It's as much your magazine as it is mine, and it's as much your "conglomerate" as it is my own. Nice choice of words, by the way.

    I gave the PBM world lemons. Now, it is up to you to make lemonade out of it.

    When in doubt, lead!

  2. I say that we overthrow the bastard! He engaged in far too much navel-gazing for my personal taste, anyway.

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