Where is Issue # 10???

Issue # 10 of Suspense & Decision magazine will be late.

No other way to put it - LATE!!

It's been a busy month for me. Not trying to make excuses, just saying. As I grow older, I am finding that I tend to acquire more interests, rather than fewer interests. Plus, of the things that interest me, other things took priority this month over Issue # 10.

Now, that's not a good sign, especially for our first double digit issue. Nope! Not a good sign, at all - but, it is the simple reality of the situation.

Did I mention that my wife had to have surgery, this month? Well, she did - but, she's doing just fine, now. That's a big plus.

Of course, what does that have to do with Issue # 10 being late? Well, not a lot, actually, but I'm tossing up spaghetti, just to see what sticks.

On a brighter note, the workload of our magazine's assistant editor, Bernd, has increased dramatically, as I plopped down a whole bunch of stuff on his desk at a late, late hour. I figure that it's better to surprise Bernd, late into the time frame, as he LOVES being put under a LOT of pressure, especially in situations where he isn't given much in the way of time to get things done. For now, Bernd's life of leisure is on hold - until HE gets Issue # 10 out the door and into the hands of our awaiting readership. Come on, Bernd! Mush! Mush!

Artist Kav sent me the artwork for the front cover of Issue # 10, last night - and I think that it just might be my favorite, yet! This issue might actually end up being as much as a week late, although I'm hoping that we can get it done by this upcoming Thursday - which is my next day off from work. The last few issues have worked out good, in that I have been off on or near the very end of the publication cycle. But, sometime,s reality conspires against me. It doesn't help that, at times, I am one of the co-conspirators against getting my own projects done. This, too, is Bernd's fault, although I haven't yet come up with a suitable enough explanation as to how - exactly - that such is the case. Stay focused, Bernd!

We don't seek your forgiveness, because to be quite honest, we don't deserve it. (Bernd, see how this has now become a "we" thing? - Take notes, young man!)

For those who want some bone tossed at them about Issue # 10, here's a small portion of the front cover for this upcoming issue. Looks like a foot bone, to me.

Happy gnawing!

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