Our forum issues have been resolved!

Good news!! The problem with the forum is fixed.

Yeah, that fix was long overdue, but aside from the mere fact that this particular problem (or set of problems) has gotten fixed, I now, also, have located someone who can assist me, in the event of future such problems with the forum end of this overall site's operations.

The icing on the cake, of course, is that we have a fresh install of the forum software, and we're running the latest version - plus, the guy that fixed the problem managed to successfully import all of the existing user accounts and old messages, so that the forum didn't simply have to start over from scratch. That is a BIG boon to the site, and for those who frequent it.

On the PBM end of things, more big news will be forthcoming!


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  2. I'm still unable to register on the forum. The security question isn't accepting 'aluminum' as a correct answer.

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