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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Suspense & Decision magazine returns with issue #13

Issue #13 of Suspense & Decision magazine has been published, and is now available as a free download for one and all.

I'm not sure how much of a readership audience that we have remaining intact, following our rather extended absence from the publishing scene, but at worse we start over completely from scratch. It may be bad, but it's probably not quite that bad, so we can take some small comfort in that fact, I suppose.

The link to download Issue #13 can be found here. Make sure that you grab a copy, and even if you end up not liking every last article in it, perhaps you will still enjoy just browsing through and gobbing it down in bits and pieces, rather than swallowing it in the whole hog for of complete articles.

I did hear back from Bernd, Suspense & Decision's assistant editor, shortly after publishing Issue #13. Of course, once he found out that Issue #13 was out, he wasted no time downloading a copy of it for himself.

"Thank you a hundred times moreso for bringing S&D back to life," Bernd responded via e-mail. "I've barely scratched the surface, but intend to dig into it this weekend. I also have an itch to go back into prior issues and re-read some of the good stuff. And considering that it's ALL good stuff, that's a lot of reading."

I take Bernd's renewed enthusiasm as a good sign. It bodes well for the magazine going forward.

I hope that you will find something in Issue #13 of Suspense & Decision to be enthusiastic about, yourself.

Happy reading!

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