Carol Mulholland - The Passing of a PBM Legend

Carol Mulholland - Editor of Flagship magazine
Sad news floats across the play by mail gaming community, these days, with the word of the passing of Carol Mulholland, editor of Flagship magazine (a PBM magazine with the longest run of any PBM magazine in history, as far as I know), making its rounds on the Internet.

Carol was a tremendous asset to the PBM industry and hobby. Though sidelined with a stroke a few years back, something that I relate to since my Daddy suffered from strokes in years past - and more recently, my Mama, as well -  Carol was a steady presence on the postal gaming scene for not just years - but for decades!

She had a very long run as editor of Flagship magazine. Though Flagship diversified its coverage in its latter years, Carol remained ever loyal to the play by mail genre of gaming. If people would send PBM articles in, she would certainly make every effort to see to it that they got published.

Carol and I didn't agree in every instance on every aspect of every issue, but for a while, we maintained a somewhat steady dialogue on various matters. I tried to encourage and nudge her firmly towards a greater embrace of technology, that Flagship magazine might benefit therefrom. Prior to a stroke taking her away from the magazine that she loved so much, Carol was already well under way in making improvements to Flagship's publication processes. She even sent me several of the publication's early issues for me to scan for her, so that we could get them in PDF format. We managed to get a number of back issues scanned and compiled, before she was sidelined by health considerations.

If ever there was an angel in human form looking out for PBM gaming, it was Carol Mulholland. With her departure to a higher plane of existence, play by mail gaming has been deprived of a true queen of PBM.

Long live Carol Mulholland! May she remain in our memories, forever!

Back issues of Flagship magazine can be found here.

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