Issue #15 is out!

So much to do, so many places to visit. It's difficult finding time to fit it all in.

Nonetheless, the past two months have seen back to back issues of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM Magazine for the 21st Century, make their way out the publication door and into readers' hands.

Now, whether anyone was waiting to read the newest installment in the S&D saga is anybody's guess, but I suspect that there's at least a few die-hard fans out there in the Great Somewhere of the Beyond.

Issue #15 features articles about Fallen Empires, Cohorts, Galac-Tac, TribeNet, and last but certainly not least, Alamaze! There's a few other assorted trinkets tossed into the mix, for good measure, also. Be sure to check this PBM magazine out, when you get a chance!

You'll even find a couple of ads that hearken back to some PBM games from the days of old - games that are being brought back into play. Issue #15 features ads for Adventurer Kings and The Crack of Doom II, for the very first time. Click on the links and check them out!

Play-By-Mail gaming spans a range of technologies, these days. Sure, there's still some paper and postal turns out there, but most PBM companies that remain now offer other options. Sometimes, these other options aren't optional, as they no longer do paper turns. All the more to pity, eh?

Honestly, though, there's some really great stuff happening with multiple different lineal descendants of postal games. Pure excitement!

Check out Issue #15 of Suspense & Decision, and then check out the games mentioned therein. You'll be glad that you did!

Until next time, happy reading and happy gaming!

- Charles
Suspense & Decision magazine
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