PBM Progress: The Flying Buffalo Forum

At some point in recent history, the FBI Forum, also known as the Flying Buffalo forum, has underwent a software update. The site is showing signs of life, signs of interest. I encourage you to check it out!

The most recent forum postings there are from the current month of July 2017.

People are still playing PBM games on offer from Flying Buffalo, Inc., though I am not sure how many nor how frequently that new games start, there. Maybe they're all communicating with one another via e-mail or private messages or via chat programs of various sorts. If there is a big hub of Flying Buffalo gamers out there, currently, I would appreciate a heads up on where they can be found.

The folks at Flying Buffalo describe it as fantastic fun. Even if their website has a bit of a date look, fantastic fun is still fantastic fun, isn't it? If you haven't bothered to check it out, then how do you know?
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