PBM Spotlight - The Kingdom of Aquilonia in Hyborian War

PBM Spotlight - Hyborian War - Aquilonia

AQUILONIA (Large Kingdom) -- Symbol of might in the Hyborian Age, Aquilonia with her legendary armies of Bossonian archers, Gunderland pikemen and Poitanian knights, wields indisputably the supreme military power of the Western world. More than any other Kingdom, however, Aquilonia lies surrounded by grim and unrelenting enemies. A long series of defensive wars for survival must inevitably be fought (and won) ere Aquilonia may seek empire beyond her borders.

Aquilonia is a ton of fun to play. Have you ever given it a try?

If you've never played a play by mail game, before, then playing the Kingdom of Aquilonia is a good way to introduce yourself to the genre that is PBM.

The game is Hyborian War, and it is run by Reality Simulations, Inc. operating out of Tempe, Arizona, or as they are more affectionately know across the PBM hobby and PBM industry, RSI.

Aquilonia is a military-heavy kingdom, and you can go toe-to-toe with multiple kingdoms, simultaneously, at the beginning of the game playing this kingdom.

The Kingdom Set-up Report for Aquilonia can be downloaded for free from here.

Reality Simulations, Inc.'s website can be found here.

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