Issue #17 of Suspense & Decision magazine is out!

PlayByMail.Net announces that Issue #17 of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century, is now available for download.

Click HERE to grab a copy for yourself!

Included in this issue are article pertaining to the following games: Clash of Legends, Galac-Tac, Hyborian War, Duel2, and Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire.

From front cover to back cover, this issue weighs in at 68 pages in length. Issue #17 is long overdue, but at least it made its way out from whatever rock that it had crawled under, and is now available as a free download, for one and all.

Thank you for both your interest and your patience! The power went out, last night, within just a couple of minutes of uploading Issue #17 to the Suspense & Decision website for download by our magazine's readership. So, I had to wait until power was restored, to get this announcement posted.

Beginning with next issue, Issue #18, the focus will be to re-instill some degree of frequency on the publication of issues, and toward this end, we will be trying to publish a few issues back-to-back with a hard "three and one" approach - meaning, as soon as three articles are in hand, whether my own or authored by others, these next several issues will then begin to get compiled for publication. Once we get a handle on the frequency of publication issue, then we can look anew to expanding the size of future issues.

Now, I just have to talk the cover artist into drawing more quickly, to stay apace of the planned increase in frequency of publication.
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